Receiving Grace

Elizabeth McDowell Heagy, St Clements, ON

Dimensions: 65" x 37"

Materials: Cotton fabric, Jacquard® textile colour, tulle.

Techniques: Innovative hand and machine appliqué piecing, thread painting, dimensional work, machine piecing, domestic-machine quilting.

Artist’s Statement:
The Echinacea stands strong, radiant in the love of its Creator... This study depicts a moment of personal enlightenment. The challenge was to create a subordinate garden background, while at the same time keeping it busy to contrast with the quiet spirituality of the Echinacea. To accomplish this, irregular rouleaux have been appliqué-pieced and quilted simultaneously, using tulle as the third layer. To give the flower further independence from the background, the appliqué stitches on the petals have been recessed.

Art – Naturescapes, Pictorial – First Place

Award sponsored by
Clover Needlecraft Products
Receiving Grace
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