Fire: An Element

Terry Aske with
Anne de Verteuil
, New Westminster, BC
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Dimensions: 22" x 57"

Materials: Commercial- and hand-dyed cotton, raw silk, linen, hemp, terry cloth, nylon net, polyester grid, coins, beads, oil paint sticks, cotton batting, rayon backing.

Techniques: Dying, discharging, stamping, painting, foiling, melting, burning. Machine piecing. Hand, machine, fused, raw-edge appliqué. Hand embroidery. Under 50% painted. Domestic-machine quilting.

Artist’s Statement:
Anne and I are sisters and fibre artists. We combined our individual areas of artistic expertise to create this piece, which began as a colour study and evolved into an interpretation of fire—the first of a series of elements. Together, we experimented with surface-design techniques and designed the layout. We collaborated long-distance, shipping the quilt back and forth and consulting by phone and computer as the piece evolved.

Fire: An Element
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